INGETEC is a technical design office for the building created in Monaco in 2013 by Patrice and Aurélien CANNET, a subsidiary of the P.CETECH/CINFORA group created in 1994.

Our team of specialist engineers intervenes in the different types of assignments assigned to a technical study office or a project manager, whether in construction, renovation ou rehabilitation.



€ Million







INGETEC wishes to be a service company and works so that each of his customers Project developer, Investors, Architects, Main Contractors, Entreprises become the partners of a winning team.

The quality and precision of our services must be up to your expectations and this applies to our two businesses :

  • Design office for project management for missions of design and follow-up of realization.
  • Advice and technical assistance to general companies.

This complementarity and our experience will benefit you at all stages of our intervention:

  • The conception allows us to bring to the general companies, an eye criticizes on the respect for the regulations and a guarantee on the smooth running of the studied cases
  • The commitment on the costs during the upset price for the general companies in guarantee a total control during the missions conception/construction or on the assembly of budgets in project management..

In our job, we have to be attuned all the technological innovations present on the market.

After the environmental engineering which formed itself and progressed in the 80s, the decade 90 knew the advent of the automation. GTC or GTB makes part maintaining of our daily landscape.

The other low voltage, in particular digitalization of communication (data, internet networks ..), allow us now to prepare buildings for the various systems of communication and for their reassurance.. The home automation also became integral part of our job, in particular applied to the accommodation with services more or less pushed to answer at best the demands of our customers.

For you, we make a very strict sorting; certain innovations can be applied at once, others have to mature at first, before being used.

New jobs appear:

  • SSI coordinator
  • Site security
  • Search for better energy contracts
  • …..

So, our collaborators were trained, from the first requests, in the missions of SSI coordonation.

The reassurance of sites became a daily concern to fight against the crime: ports, hospitals, administration buildings, industrial sites,…. We acquired the control of this type of mission who accumulates video surveillance, communication, masonry, locksmithery, steps and support for the files of authorization requests administrative.

More and more consumers become eligible with the suppliers of electrical energy. In the jungle of the offers, the consumers need precise comparative projections. We realize for them this type of mission.